Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Give 'Em a Leg to Stand On

One of the things I came across in my research involving minifigures for gaming use, was ABS plastic stands to help your minfig stand-up (and stay up) on the tabletop much like the bases used by lead miniatures. Though these bases require absolutely NO work to prepare and you can change colors on a whim. This is perfect if you have different tabletop colors (desert, grass green and asphalt).

The first ones I purchaed were round bases from Minfigworld. They have the two pegs for your minifig to stand on, and come in a pretty wide variety of colors.


Shortly after I’d received my first few batches of round bases, I was turned onto Catspaw Customs who do hex bases. I’m a bit of a sucker for hex bases, and the Catspaw ones not only have the two pegs for your minifigs feet, but they have 2 1x1 size connection points on them to use to designate wounds (like our group does) or items carried, etc. The folks at Catspaw also have an interesting article about why Minifigs are better for gaming than miniatures are.  Their own need for hex stands for their tabletop RPG games is where Catspaw’s business endeavor started. Like Minifigworld, Catspaw has a descent amount of colors to choose from, and they are also available without the 2 1x1 connection points.


At the time of this update, the Catspaw Customs online store doesn’t seem to be working and hasn’t been for over a week. This is further complicated by Catspaw’s lack of contact details like an email address or phone number to make them aware of the situation. Hopefully that rights itself soon.

EDIT: I've been told Castpaw Customs is no longer trading and the sale of these bases will soon be handled by BrickArms. That's good news because these bases are far too nice to disappear from the marketplace.

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